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ARCONS: Your Partner in Cladding Consultancy, Refurbishment and Facade Consultancy

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, ARCONS is your destination for comprehensive Cladding Consultancy, Refurbishment and Facade Consultancy services available to clients locally and globally.

We are your trusted partner in enhancing the aesthetics, safety and performance of your building exteriors.

ARCONS: Elevating Cladding and Facades

At ARCONS, we understand that cladding is more than just an exterior layer; it’s a vital element that defines your building’s identity and functionality. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge, solutions and expertise you need to make informed decisions about your cladding and facade systems.

Cladding Consultancy: Informed Decisions

Expert Advice

ARCONS provides expert advice on cladding systems, materials and design. Our consultancy services act as your compass, guiding you through the complex world of cladding choices and design considerations.

Material Selection

We help you select the right cladding materials, taking into account durability, aesthetics and long-term maintenance requirements. Our aim is to ensure that your cladding choices meet the unique needs and vision of your project.

Cladding Refurbishment: Safety and Aesthetics

Revitalising Exteriors

ARCONS specialises in cladding refurbishment, breathing new life into building exteriors. Our solutions prioritise safety, code compliance and architectural aesthetics. We transform aging facades into showcases of modern design and functionality.

Structural Assessment

Safety is paramount. ARCONS conducts thorough structural assessments to verify the integrity of cladding systems. Our assessments identify potential problems such as deterioration or damage, ensuring peace of mind for property owners and occupiers.

Façade Consultancy: Enhancing Building Exteriors

Architectural Vision

Beyond cladding, ARCONS offers facade consultancy services that enhance the overall architectural vision. We work closely with architects and developers to align façade designs with functionality, performance and sustainability goals.

Local Roots, Global Vision

Local Expertise

ARCONS roots in Istanbul give us a deep understanding of the local architectural landscape. We cater to the unique needs of the Turkish market, ensuring cultural sensitivity and precision.

Global Perspective

Our façade engineering and consultancy expertise extends globally. Whether your project is in Istanbul or spans international borders, ARCONS delivers world-class solutions backed by adaptability and experience.

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